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Terry before the gas leak explosion

Terry shooting at Marcus

Terrence "Terry" Higgins is a 3rd rank police detective working for the PDNY and the true main antagonist in True Crime: New York City. Terrence is born in 11 July 1948 has been patrolling the streets of New York for twenty years, busting criminals by any means necessary.

Terrence has made friends and enemies on each side of the law. He grew up on the streets and was childhood friends with Isaiah Reed, who grew up to be "The King", a notorious kingpin running a large east coast narcotics distribution. Terrence took a different lead, going into law enforcement. Even though their paths diverged, Terrence's and the King's mutual respect and friendship never died, and when the King went to prison, Terrence promised to look after his son, Marcus Reed. Terrence became Marcus' mentor, ushering him into the police department and covering up Marcus' shady past.

After Terrence was "killed" while bringing evidence of departmental corruption to the Feds, Marcus vowed to avenge his mentor's death and refuses to let anything stand in his way.

At the end of the game, Marcus discovers that Terrence had faked the death to escape from the Feds shaking him down for protection. Marcus is angered that Terry faked his death and tricked him into doing his dirty work, so Marcus chases him onto a subway train. After getting to the final train car, Terry unlatches the rest to escape. Marcus, enraged, fires blindly at the train car and causes an explosion knocks it off the track, causing the rest of the train to crash into it. Marcus runs and scarcely escapes the crash. At the end of this mission, Terry's dead body is carried away on a stretcher. Marcus walks off the scene after talking with Whitting and Dixon. In the Bad Cop ending, Marcus shoots Terry in the head for betraying him.

Terry was voiced by Mickey Rourke.