When you think Chinese organized crime, you think the Triads or the Big Circle. When you think of Chinese crime in North America, you think Tong. But in New York, one Tong stands above the others: the Shadow Tong. The Shadow Tong were led by Uncle Benny, an old school Triad type. It was he who founded the Shadow Tong and led them to the top. If you're an immigrant, and you're in NYC's Chinatown, beware of shadows.

The Shadow TongEdit

The Shadow Tong was a Tong based in New York City, Manhatten Island. The Shadow Tong was once led by Benjamin "Uncle Benny" Shen, who led the Tong out of Chinatown for years and had the knockoff merchandise market cornered, but he disappeared without a trace and the Tong was taken over by his adopted, American bred son, Leeland Shen, who voided all of Benny's agreements, began extorting local businesses, and even worse, brought the sweatshops back to Chinatown. Leeland Shen was a cocky, insolent piece of work; Gabriel Whitting even called him "one brutal son-of-a-bitch". Leeland's got his syndicate sewn up so tight, there's almost no way of getting to him.

Needing to get close to Leeland, but because of his uptight hate for new recruits, Marcus tries to find Leeland's missing step-sister, Vivian Shen, who had ran away with her vampire-wannabe boyfriend to become a goth dancer. Marcus found Vivian on the dance floor performing but Vivian refused to leave and the club manager refused to let her go. Marcus then defeated the goths and the manager. Marcus then took Vivian outside but his car was gone.

While looking for his car, the goths now armed, arrived outside to kill Marcus. Scared by the guns, Vivian agreed to go with Marcus. Marcus then pushed Vivian into a limousine driver seat while he protected it from the goths. After killing the goths, the two escaped to Vivian's home. Arriving at the resturant, Leeland and his mother were pleased to see her but Leeland was not happy to see Marcus (believing Marcus to Vivian's boyfriend). After Marcus explained that he was not Vivian's boyfriend, she stated that she was Leeland's Step Sister.

Mrs. Shen then told Marcus to forgive Vivian due to her father spoiling her. This angered Vivian into yelling at Mrs. Shen explaining that Mrs. Shen only married Vivian's father just because he was rich, this causing Leeland to slap her across the face. Marcus introduced himself as "Jimmy Mac" and told Leeland to leave her alone and that he wanted to make a deal with Leeland.

Marcus stated that "The King" wanted to make a deal about the souvier trade: 50% cut. Leeland however refused to make the deal unless Marcus could prove himself worthy. Leeland then ordered Marcus to go see Old Lin. Arriving outside Old Lin's building, Old Lin told Marcus to drive his truck around town to his partners and should none of them pay due to Leeland's rise in prices; Marcus should beat them up!

After Marcus was done the deliveries, Marcus returned to Lin's building. Marcus found Old Lin in his office where he asked Marcus if he had a gun but Marcus stated that Lin's doorman had taken his gun when he came in. Old Lin then went all about how something real can look fake, which he then stated that "Jimmy mac" is "Officer Reed."

As Marcus stood in shock; a thug from behind put gun to Marcus' head. With the gun to his head, Old Lin then said "Bye Bye", however Marcus actting on the draw, dodged the gun and disarmed the thug. Old Lin in terror escaped the office into a secret elevator. Marcus then headed through the building killing Lin's goons as he made his way to the garage. As Marcus entered the garage, Lin opened fire on him causing Marcus to take cover behind the parked trucks. Marcus then jumped out from behind one of the trucks and disarmed Lin.

Old Lin then explained that Leeland's slave operation was done within a huge chinese tanker at the docks. Marcus arrested Old Lin and headed for the docks.

Marcus arrived at the docks and made his way inside but as Marcus made his way into the ship's belly, he was captured. Marcus was then brought before the captain of the ship. The Captain then asked what marcus was looking for which Marcus responded "Yeah I found what I was looking for alright". And Marcus broke out the goons' girbs and chased after the Captain; however the Captain being faster climbed up a ladder to a higher level. Retracting the ladder, the Captain ordered his men to kill Marcus. Marcus defeated the thugs and went after the Captain.

Chasing the Captain through the ship's belly Marcus finally caught up to him. The Captain then stated that Leeland was hiding out in Uncle Benny's old heritage house. Marcus arrested the Captain and headed off to find Leeland.

Meanwhile, Leeland had justed opened the heritage house to some gangsters. Suddenly Marcus busted through the door and ordered Leeland to freeze while asking him who was the mole. Leeland however grabbed one of the gangsters as a hostage (most likely it was Redman) and put a knife to his throat. However the gangster (Redman) being stronger headbutted Leeland allowing him to make his escape through a secret passageway. Marcus then jumped through the door making it just in time.

Marcus then chased Leeland through a huge sesame across piles and through tunnels. As Marcus entered another tunnel, the door behind him shut leaving Marcus blind in the dark where he was then knocked out.

Marcus then awoke strapped to a large stone wall with his hands cuffed. Leeland entered and "introduced" Marcus to Uncle Benny, where his skeleton was strapped to a wall with a guan doa sticking out of his chest. Leeland then explained that the Shadow Tong was born in this room, and that it used to be a hideout for prosecuted Chinese. Uncle Benny was the only one who knew about the place and didn't want to share the secret until Leeland killed him thus also allowing him to take over the Shadow Tong. Then out of no where arrived Vivian, realising Marcus and stating that Leeland wasn't the only one who knew about the secret room.

Leeland, shocked to find Vivian here asked what she was doing. Vivian stated that she knew all along that he and his mother planned to kill her father and that Marcus would give him what he deserved. Leeland, angry at Vivian, knocked her to the floor and was prepared to kill her but Marcus came to, ordering Leeland to keep away from her. Leeland mockingly asked if Marcus would arrest him but Marcus on the other hand stated " Yo, when this over you're gonna be begging to be arrested".

The two then dueled it out with Marcus winning but Leeland, refusing to give up, escaped higher up by climbing a wall. Marcus gave chase higher up into the room, catching up after dodging several carts being thrown down the walls by Leeland. Leeland then led Marcus through a another tunnel into a subway tunnel. As Marcus reached the end of the tunnel, Leeland armed himself with two knives and the two dualed once again with Marcus wining coming out on top. Marcus then grabbed Leeland and held him near a oncoming train, but just as quicky pulled him away after Leeland stated that the mole had his money dropped off at locker 125 at Grand Central Station. With the info collected, the Shadow Tong was finshed.