The Mafia, La Cosa Nostra, Organized Crime, The Mob... whatever you want to call them, these guys owned New York City for years. But then in 1995, some hot shot D.A put away the last don, Al 'The Mortician' Palermo and the Palermos were left leaderless. But now, it seems the remnants are organizing, and gangland murders have been on the rise. The FBI figures that there must be a new Don behind this. So now only one thing remains: who is the new don?

The Palermo MobEdit

With the new don a mystery, Marcus decides that Gino DeLuca was the mob's weakest link and headed to Little Italy to Gino's restaurant House O' Gnocci. Arriving on scene, Marcus was immediately confronted by Gino's goons, Donnie and Chicci. Marcus explains that he's just there to talk to Gino, but is patted down by the thugs. Marcus asks Gino who the new don is, but the thugs find Marcus' badge and gun, discovering that Marcus is a cop. Marcus says that the new don wouod love to hear about his side hustle on Canal Street (Gino sells fenced goods without kicking up a cut to the boss, an act punishable by death in the old days). Gino states that he doesn't know what don he's talking about; he only knows Don Palermo, who Gino says is in for life because he wouldn't kill cops. But Gino says that he "ain't got no code like that." Marcus asked him what's that supoosed to mean. He replied that it means he's going to go outside to smoke a Cohiba while his goons deal with Marcus.

After Marcus dealt with Gino's men, Marcus went to the kitchen, where he fought the restaurant cooks. After Gino came back inside, shocked that Marcus was still alive, decided to deal with Marcus himself. After Marcus won ans interrogated Gino, he told Marcus that Alfie takes orders straight from the top, and runs Palermo's old mortuary, The Pearly Gates. Marcus then snuck into the mortuary. While hiding in a vent above a room, Marcus hears Alfie talking to the don, saying that he hasn't seen any cop yet, and is also talking about an "underground lab" below in the basement that apparently makes the family a lot of money. As Marcus turned around to go to the lab, he was caught by a mob goon, but Marcus soon knocked him out and headed after Alfie.

Killing all the heavily armed enforcers, Marcus chases Alfie through the lower levels and eventually outside. Outside Alfie then tried to escape in a cube truck but Marcus catches up to him. Alfie then explained that the lab was for illegal organ donating and that the new don, Vincent Tuzzi, can be found at his workout gym.

Arriving at the gym Marcus found Vincent but he refused to talk and sent his goons along with his personal trainer Candy to kill Marcus. While Marcus was arresting the two bodyguards, Candy got back to her feet and escaped on the second floor. Marcus then chased Candy around the build-in race track and caught her.

Candy explained that Vincent probably went to see his accountant, Old Tony. After Candy is arrested, Marcus races to Old Tony's building, where he hears that Vincent's "new building" is destroying the bank. After sneaking into the building, Old Tony discovered Marcus and ran. After Marcus kills all the guards, he caught Tony hiding within the bank vault. Old Tony explained that Vincent was building a large hotel to "hide all his easter eggs in one basket".

Finding out what Vincent was planning, Marcus raced to Vincent's building where Marcus caught him trying to rush out of the building with all his money. Marcus then asked Vincent who was the mole, but Vincent jumped through a window into another room and into the elevator. As Marcus ran through the doors, Candy all of a sudden reappears and punched Marcus in the face as Vincent demanded "GET EVERYONE DOWN HERE.......EVERYOOONNNEEE!

Marcus immediately punched Candy out and chased after Vincent. After going floor by floor, Marcus soon found Vincent within the crane at the top of the building. Angered that Marcus had pretty much destroyed his operation, Vincent tried to kill Marcus with the crane but failed when Marcus destroyed the crane's controls; crashing it. Marcus then arrested Vincent after he stated that the mole was Spanish. After Marcus arrested Vincent, the Palermo Mob came to an end.