P. Grant is a member of the President's Club and the second-highest ranking President, below only Benjamin. He was in charge of the print factory that manufactured "Pop".

Print FactoryEdit

Kobi's Yakuza, who were at war with the President's Club, had mounted an attack on the print factory to cut off the drug supplies and kill Grant. They were met with heavy resistance led by Grant himself, dual-wielding Desert Eagles (50. Autos) and hurling swear words and insults at them. At that moment, Marcus Reed burst in through the skylight with dual pistols and gunned down two of Grant's men. Grant verbally expressed his suprise at this new intruder before firing at him with a surviving goon. He then rushed off to move a truck full of drugs out of the facility while his men covered him. Marcus eliminated all opposition, much to Grant's fury. He fled outside, killing a Yakuza goon, before trying to drive away in the truck. Sustained fire from Marcus and two surviving Yakuzas destroyed the truck and Grant surrendered. Under interrogation, Grant revealed that "Benjamin", or Lionel Jones, was usually at his studio, Zen Empire Records, in Times Square. With that, Grant found himself in prison with the other Presidents.

Attire and armamentEdit

P. Grant wears a light grey suit and, like all other Presidents, wears a gold chain with a corresponding letter, in his case a G. When fighting the Yakuzas, he dual wields 50. Autos, then switches to dual Uzis.