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Nick Kang shootdodging.

A Chinese American, Nicholas "Nick" Kang Wilson was born and raised in in Los Angeles. Nick had a terrible life experience; his mother died and his father vanished. Nick had become a detective for the LAPD in the hopes of both finding answers and following his father's footsteps, all the while building a reputation for being a "loose cannon" with a hot temper, an itchy trigger finger, and a smart mouth.

Although he was suspended indefinitely from the police force due to repeated incidents of excessive brutality, property damage and refusing to follow orders; Nick Kang was recruited into the E.O.D. (Elite Operations Division) as the group's first field agent. After joining the E.O.D. he is immediately put on a case of bombings around the city (connected to Chinese Triads) and gets a new partner in Rosie Velasco.

Nick's father was a top officer with the Los Angeles Police Department until an Internal Affairs investigation that implicated him in an international drug ring caused him to lose his job before he mysteriously lost his life. After his father died he started to go by the name Nick Kang (instead of Nick Wilson) because he did not believe that he could ever live up to his father's image as a cop.

The same over-the-line methods that got him thrown off the force enable him to succeed at the E.O.D.. Nick's skills in martial arts are matched by his ability to expertly dual-wield firearms and drive like a Hollywood stuntman. Nick's partner's Rosie Velasco and he states that he would rather work alone at the beginning of the game, but they get along more during the story.

Biography (Incomplete)Edit

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Nick was born and raised in Los Angeles with his brother Cary, mother, and father Henry Wilson. Nick's mother died when he was young. When he was in high school, his father was fingered in a drug traffic scandal and skipped town. Without a mother or father, Nick and Cary were shunted off to live with his late mother's relatives in Hong Kong. The Kangs were poor and, being only half-Chinese, Nick and Cary were hassled many times. Nick changed his last name to Kang, presumably to fit in. He came back to Los Angeles to be a cop like his father before him. His brother came with him to open a dojo in the city and, eventually, go franchise with several all across town.

Nick worked as homicide detective for a time until he was suspended indefinitely from the police force due to repeated incidents of excessive brutality, property damage, and refusing to follow orders. When he was placed off suspension he was transfered to the E.O.D. (Elite Operations Division) and assigned a new partner named Rosie Velasco , to which he states that he "works alone". He was given a case related to several Triad bombings in the city. Nick's chief, Wanda Parks (Head of the LAPD and the E.O.D) tells him and Rosie that they should go get something to eat and get to know eachother. He meets her at a China bistro who's owner happened to be getting harassed by a Triad thug. Nick throws a chop stick into the thug's ear and then engages the thug in hand to hand combat. After defeating the thug he chases Rosie outside to give her a fortune cookie, which to Nick she replys "I know what it says, beware of nutcase". Ironically the thug comes out of hiding and holds Rosie hostage, she then bumps him off and accidently gets shot.

Nick arrested the thug and brought him back to the E.O.D. He then tracked down his accomplice who was ready to murder the owner of a bar. The thug told him he was part of Jimmy Fu's posse. He sneaked into Fu's hideout and got into a massive firefight with Fu's men. After the fight Jimmy was almost assassinated by a sniper, but nick pushed him out of the way of the bullet just in time then killed the sniper. He brought Jimmy to the E.O.D. where he said he was hired by Big Chong the enforcer of Ancient Wu's triad (A 300-year-old criminal spirit living in a restaurant in L.A.) After sharing the needed information, Nick drove off to track down Chong. Upon arriving at his residence, Nick spotted Chong's limo speeding off. He followed behind undetected to Cyprus Holdings (a bank closely linked to the Russian mob) where Chong delivered a bundle of money. While spying undetected from across the street, Nick was suddenly attacked by a gang of thugs that were part of the Russian mob. Nick managed to escape the attack without harm still unsure of who was behind it all. He contacted Rosie for additional information, who told him that Chong's limo was spotted at Krym Spa in Hollywood. Nick then drove off to investigate. He managed to sneak into the spa but encountered trouble in a shower room. After Nick defeated the Russians in the room, he caught Chong in the main part of the spa talking underground business with a man named Rocky (the head of the Russian mob). Rocky insisted that the money be laundered more quickly because Ancient Wu was unhappy and a certain general was getting desperate. Chong replied that the general was Rocky's problem and that the cops were all over them. At this, Nick came out of hiding stating ''hands up nice and easy." Rocky escaped through a nearby swimming pool, and Chong ordered his men to kill the detective. However, Nick was able to shoot all the attackers in the firefight, also mananging to kill Chong in the end. He was also able to pick up some evidence about Rocky. With that, Nick drove back to the E.O.D.

Skills & PersonalityEdit

Nick is exquisitely skilled with dual wielding any firearm whether it be a 9mm handgun or a SPAS Shotgun. He is also very well trained in martial arts and defeats almost every person he engages hand to hand. Ontop of that he's a very good driver, though a bit reckless.

Nick is a comedic and, at times, obnoxious person. Half of what he says is a joke or includes excessive vulgar language. "My name is Nick Kang and I'll be your carjacker today!" Nick and Rosie do not enjoy being partnered with each other at the beginning of the game, but as the game's story continues, they develop a small friendship, such as Nick showing concern for Rosie when she was shot in the arm and Rosie pleading Nick that Masterson should handle the case after Cary was killed in one of the paths to determining an ending.


  • Nick is an unlockable character in the game Tony Hawk's: Underground 2.
  • A character in the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City has the name of Nick Kong who is a target you have to kill.
  • Nick has many traits of the characters from John Woo films such as Hard Boiled, but with the personality of a more American action movie star.
  • After the death and disappearance of Nick's parents, he moved to Los Angeles, California from Hong Kong with his brother and became a detective like his father, Henry Wilson
  • If Nick arrest criminals or get into a bad accident with the civilians around L.A., His yin yang and badge points will either increase or decrease. If he purposely killing more civilians below negative yin yang points, he will be attacked by angry mobs and the S.W.A.T.
  • Nick is left handed as the gun he uses in precision targeting mode is the one in his left hand.
  • In some sections of the game that require you to brawl an enemy you can attempt to go for you guns(shooting mode), Nick will make random comments such as "No guns, you're a waste of bullets".
  • Nicks default car is based upon a 1967 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertible. 
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