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Marcus Reed is the protagonist of True Crime: New York City. Marcus was born to a Jamaican father, Isaiah Reed, and a Guyanese unknown mother. He is a former gangster who has chosen to leave his life of crime to become a detective. Marcus grew up in the Bronx, following in his father's footsteps, who is now a jailed kingpin. After his father's close friend, Terry Higgins, saved his life, Marcus decided to quit his unlawful life. Mentored by Terry, he eventually becomes a beat cop and is soon promoted to a detective 5 years later for the New York City Police Department, with Terry as his partner. He maintains a conflicted relationship with his father, who continues to run his criminal enterprise from his prison cell and hopes to utilize his son's newfound influence to foster his own goals. Marcus was voiced by Avery Waddell.


Marcus Reed was born January 16, 1970 into a crime family headed by his father; Isaiah Reed, a crime boss. As he grew up, his father told that he would rule his empire. However when Marcus was 18, his father was finally caught by the police and thrown in jail, leaving Marcus alone with the keys to his empire.

A few years later on Christmas Night, Marcus was allowed to visit his father in prison however when Isaiah and his son were eating dinner, a guard tried to shank Isaiah and Marcus. While the guard was stabbing Isaiah, Marcus armed himself with a knife and killed the guard with a few wounds and was covered in blood.

With his father still alive, Marcus discovered from the tattoo on the guard's arm belonged to his best friend Kevin: one of Isaiah's top men. Marcus left the prison and went to Kevin's apartment.

Arriving at Kevin's apartment, Marcus armed himself with two Uzis and prepared to kill Kevin. He sent one of his other friends out of the house after the latter frantically proclaimed his innocence. Marcus soon found Kevin in the living room while Kevin was surprised to see Marcus, as he pretended to play dumb however Marcus claimed that both he and his father were alive.

Kevin with fear soon tried to reach for his desert eagle but Marcus, being faster, wounded Kevin and killed two gang members in the room. Kevin then tried to escape Marcus and ordered his men to kill him.

But Marcus' thirst for revenge made him chase Kevin through the building and out on the street. Finally, Marcus found a critically wounded Kevin hiding in a dumpster in a basement. After lecturing Kevin for his betrayal, the latter told Marcus that he would always be played, just like his father. Marcus then shot him to death.

Dropping his empty Uzi, Marcus was about to be shot by another gang member but the latter was instead shot from behind by Terry Higgins, a friend of Marcus' father and NYPD cop. Marcus asked how Terry had found him and Terry claimed he heard about his father. Marcus then claimed that he did what he did because Kevin and his men weren't loyal to his father, therefore they couldn't live. Not putting up any resistance, Marcus surrendered and told Terry to handcuff him but Terry instead let him go but also warned him that he would need to shape up or spent the rest of his life alone in prison. Marcus left the crime scene after Terry wished him a merry Christmas.

Five years later, Reed is an NYPD officer himself, working under the mentorship of Higgins. One of Higgins' contacts calls and asks for a meeting. At the contact point, an old warehouse, a bomb goes off with Higgins inside. Back at the precinct, Reed is contacted by FBI agent Gabriel Whitting, who informs Reed that one of the detectives in his precinct is a mole, and is probably responsible for Higgins' death. Whitting does not know who the mole is; only that he is connected to four major crime families in the city: the Magdalena Cartel, the President's Club, the Palermo Mob, and the Shadow Tong. Whitting wants Reed to investigate these four crime groups to track down Higgins' killer. After being given a folder with information on the Magdalena Cartel, Reed sets off on his mission of revenge. The Magdalena Cartel was a Coloumbian Drug Cartel that made money off children hospitals, orphanages and other shetlers around the city made by their head leader Teresea Casto a.k.a "Mother Teresea". In his quest for revenge aganist the mole who killed his partner Terry Higgins, NYPD cop Marcus Reed took down this crime organization first.

Learning that Mother Teresa had ties to the cartel Marcus traveled to meet with her and ask a few questions but however she refused to talk to him being a cop because a drug dealer that stood on the corner of building everyday was not taken care of. Needing Teresa's help, Marcus told Teresa to wait while he to confront the dealer.

After killing the drug dealer and destroying his lab, Marcus returned to Teresa and she informed him of a another drug dealer named Rey. To find Rey, Marcus would have follow a biker that collected the money of his drug dealers and taken to him. After destroying Rey's operation; Rey informed Marcus that he was being used by the Magdalenas to take out their rivals and that their drug smuggling operation was based within the New York Museum of National History.

Marcus then made his way to the Museum where he heard a doctor talking about a new fresh shipment arriving in the basement. After knocking out a gullible guard, Marcus made his way past more guards and took the elevator down basement but the doctor from before saw Marcus and ordered his men to kill him. After Marcus caught up to the doctor, the doctor revealed that the new artfacts contianted the Cartel's drugs. Discovering all he needed to know; Marcus raced back to Teresea's building.

Upon entering the building Marcus headed to Teresa's but was knocked out from behind. Marcus then awoke in a straight jacket and a wheel chair in a mental hospital. To his side stood Teresa who revealed her name to be Magdalena Rojas; there and then Marcus discovered the turth: "Teresa" was the Cartel's head. Breaking out of the Hospital, Marcus headed to opera theather where Teresa was watching a show. After killing Teresa's goons, Marcus asked Teresa who was the mole inside the O.C.U; but Teresa stated that the she never met the mole but she stated that the mole was very high up and controlled the police. With the information gotten, Marcus arrested Magdalena thus bring a end to the Magdalena Cartel. The President's Club was an all African-American street crime gang that got its name from the head leader and the lieutenants that used the names of Untied States Presidents and made its profit off a drug made by the Yakuza called "Pop". The gang was started when the head leader went rogue after the being used by the Yakuza. This act of deflection lead the President's Club and Yakuza into a gang war.

Marcus discovered that one of the Presidents, Lincoln, runs a drug den/shelter. Marcus arrived on scene and knocked out the doorman. Marcus then made his way through the den kill all the guards and dealers. As Marcus arrived in the main hall, Marcus found Lincoln waiting for him on a platform above the ground. Marcus dodged Lincoln's bullets and caught him. Lincoln told Marcus that the next President up was Hamilton and that he could be found at his DJ club. Marcus then arrested Lincoln and headed off to club.

Arriving at the club Marcus found everyone on the floor lifeless, Marcus first believed them to be kncocked out from the pop until Marcus knocked off the head of a beheaded body. As Marcus fell to the floor in fear, a voice rang out from the back of the club. Marcus soon made his way through the club bypassing lasers and found a witness cowering in fear. The witness then explained that the killers were Yakuza sent by their leader Kobi.

Marcus then tracked down Kobi to a hotel where he found two young ladies being escorted by two Yakuza enforcers but as Marcus approcahed the group asking for Kobi, one of the enforcers pulled a gun on Marcus. But Marcus pulled out his badge to reveal himself. As he asked again for Kobi, the older lady revealed that she isKobi.

As Marcus ordered Kobi into her limo, the President Club's attempted a drive by. After killing the thugs and ending the chase Kobi thanked Marcus for his deeds. Marcus then asked why was Kobi at war with the Presidents. Kobi revealed that man driving the car was President Jackson, and that her men had already killed Hamilton and Grant is next and that Benjaimen is remained. Kobi revealed that Benjaimen, the head of the President's club is really Lion Jones; a hotshot music video producer. Ounce Lieon was broke, Kobi met Lieon in Japan and used his' contracts to sell pop but Lieon decided to go into his own buisness using the Yakuza's pop. Kobi then ordered her men to hunt down and kill all of the Presidents.

Kobi then revealed that she and her men are on they way to Lieon's drug factory to kill him herself. Marcus then told Kobi, that would not happen but Kobi then pushed Marcus causing him to fall out of the limo on to the street and drove off.

Knowing where the factory was Marcus made his way there. As Marcus arrived on scene, Marcus found the President's Club and the Yakuza were in the midst of a gun fight with President Grant leading the fight. As Jackson's men killed two more Yakuza, Marcus busted through the skylight, gunning down both sides. Grant then ordered his men to kill Marcus while he moved a large truck of pop.

Marcus then chased after Grant kill both sides. As Marcus headed outside, he found more gangsters fighting, and Grant trying to escape in his truck. Marcus destoryed the truck by shooting the truck's tiers. As Grant came too, Marcus ordered him to tell him where Lieon was. Grant revealed that Lieon was at his music studio.

Marcus then raced to the studio but was knocked out from behind as soon as he entered. Marcus then re-awoke stapped to a chair. Lieon entered the room, angered that Marcus had destoryed his operation and arrested his men and broke into his building. As Lieon stood over Marcus, Lieon armed himself with a katana and prepared to execute Marcus himself but before he could do so, a goon busted into room explaining that a intruder was on the roof. Lieon angered that someone was in his garden, destorying his "ZEN" left the room with his men leaving Marcus on the floor.

Marcus soon broke from the chair and headed for the roof killing Lieon's goons along the way. After reaching the roof, Marcus saw Kobi fighting with Benjamin. When Kobi noticed Marcus and smiled proudly, Benjamin stabbed her in the back,then she's dead.Marcus then dueled Lieon and defeated him by knocking off his armor by smashing it with pieces of bamboo. With no armor on, Lieon escaped on a nearby zipline to another building. Marcus soon followed and captured Lieon.

Holding Lieon over the side of the building, Lieon revealed that the mole called himself "Le Efefa". Marcus then arrested Lieon, ending the President's Club. The Shadow Tong were a Tong based in New York City, Manathan Island. The Shadow Tong got their name from being "shadows". The Tong made their living in the illegal trade such as slave tracffing, souvier trade and gambling. The Shadow Tong were ounce led by Uncle Benny Chao but he soon disappered and then the Tong was taken over by Leeland Shen.

Needing to get close to Leeland because of his uptight hate for new recrews, Marcus decided to find Leeland's missing stepsister; Vivian Shen who had ran away with her boyfriend to become a goth dancer. Marcus found Vivian on the dance floor preforming but Vivian refused to leave and the club manager refused to let her go. Marcus then defeated the goths and the manager. Marcus then took Vivian outside but Marcus noticed that his car was gone.

While looking for his car, the goths now armed, arrived outside to kill Marcus. Scared by the guns, Vivian agreed to go with Marcus. Marcus then pushed Vivian into the limo's diver seat while he protected it from the goths. After killing the goths, the two escaped to Vivian's home. Arriving at the resturant, Leeland and his mother were pleased to see her but Leeland was not happy to see Marcus (believing Marcus to Vivian's boyfriend). After Marcus explained that he was not Vivian's boyfriend she stated that she was Leeland's Step Sister.

Mrs. Shen then told Marcus to forgive Vivian due to her father spoiling her. This angering Vivian yelled at Mrs. Shen explaining that Mrs. Shen only married Vivian's father just because he was rich, this causing Leeland to slap her across the face. Marcus introduced himself as "Jimmy Mac" and told Leeland to leave her alone and that he wanted to make a deal with Leeland.

Marcus stated that "The King" wanted to make a deal about the souvier trade: 50% cut. Leeland however refused to make the deal unless Marcus could prove himself worthy. Leeland then ordered Marcus to go see Old Lin. Arriving outside Old Lin's building, Old Lin told Marcus to drive his truck around town to his partners and should none of them pay due to Leeland's rise in prices; Marcus should beat them up!

After Marcus was done the deliveries, Marcus returned to Lin's building. Marcus found Old Lin in his office where he asked Marcus if he had a gun but Marcus stated that Lin's doorman had taken his gun when he came in. Old Lin then went all about how something real can look fake, which he then stated that "Jimmy mac" is "Officer Reed."

As Marcus stood in shock; a thug from behind put gun to Marcus' head. With the gun to his head, Old Lin then said "Bye Bye", however Marcus actting on the draw, dodged the gun and disarmed the thug. Old Lin in terror escaped the office into a secret elevator. Marcus then headed through the building killing Lin's goons as he made his way to the garage. As Marcus entered the garage, Lin opened fire on him causing Marcus to take cover behind the parked trucks. Marcus then jumped out from behind one of the trucks and disarmed Lin.

Old Lin then explained that Leeland's slave operation was done within a huge chinese tanker at the docks. Marcus soon arrested Old Lin and headed for the docks.

Marcus arrived at the docks and made his way inside by as Marcus made his way into the ship's belly, he was captured. Marcus was then brought before the captain of the ship. The Captain then asked what marcus was looking for which Marcus responded "Yeah I found what I was looking for alright". And like Marcus broke out the goons' girbs and chased after the Captain; however the Captain being faster climbed up a ladder to a higher level. Retracking the ladder the Captain ordered his men to kill Marcus. Marcus then defeated the thugs and went after the Captain.

Chasing the Captain through the ship's belly Marcus finally caught up to him. The Captain then stated that Leeland was hiding out in Uncle Benny's old hertige house. Marcus arrested the Captain and headed off to find Leeland.

Meanwhile Leeland had justed opened the hertige house to some gangsters. Suddenly Marcus busted through the door and ordered Leeland to freeze while asking him who was the mole. Leeland however grabbed one of the gangsters as a hostage and put a knife to his throat. However the gangster being stronger headbutted Leeland allowing him to make his escape through a secret passageway. Marcus then jumped through the door making it just in time.

Marcus then chased Leeland through a huge sesame across piles and through tunnels. As Marcus entered another tunnel, the door behind him shut leaving Marcus blind in the dark where he was then knocked out.

Marcus then awoke stapped to a large stone brick with his hand's cuffed. Leeland entered and "introduced" Marcus to Uncle Benny where his skeleton was stapped to a wall with a Guan Dao sticking out of his chest. Leeland then explained that the Shadow Tong was born in this room and that Uncle Benny never told anyone about it until Leeland killed him thus also allowing him to take over the Shadow Tong. Then out of no where arrived Vivian releasing Marcus and stating that Leeland wasn't the only one who knew about the secret room.

Leeland shcoked to find Vivian here asked what she was doing. Vivian stated that she knew all along that he and his mother planned to kill her father and Marcus would give him what he desversed. Leeland angry at Vivian knocked her to the floor and prepared to kill her but Marcus then came too ordering Leeland to keep away from her. Leeland then asked if Marcus would arrest him but Marcus on the other hand stated " When this over you'll be begging to be arrested".

The two then dueled it out with Marcus winning but Leelaand refusing to give up escaped higher up by climbing a wall. Marcus then made it up as well after dodging cartes being thrown by Leeland. Leeland then led Marcus through a another tunnel into a subway tunnel. As Marcus reached the end of the tunnel, Leeland armed himself with two knives. The two dualed ounce again with Marcus wining again. Marcus then grabbed Leeland and held him near a oncoming train, but just as quicky pulled him away after he stated that the mole had his money dropped off at locker 125 at grand central station. With info collected, the Shadow Tong was finshed.

In the bad ending, Navarro escapes the officers leading him away, grabs a gun, and kills Whitting. He then boards a subway train, with Reed in pursuit. Ultimately, Reed throws Navarro off the train, killing him. Later, while Reed is sitting alone in the train station, Higgins sits next to him. Higgins had faked his own death and framed Navarro to escape being arrested by Whitting. Higgins hands Reed a bag of cash and asks him to join him in Mexico. Reed, however, is angry at having been used, so he kills Higgins.

In the good ending, Navarro is taken away without incident. Later, Reed is approached by Higgins with the same offer of comfortable living in Mexico as in the bad ending, but Reed simply refuses. Higgins then threatens to expose Reed's past, but Reed responds that he would pay for his crimes with honor, and orders Higgins to come quietly. Higgins run onto a subway train, with Reed in pursuit. Ultimately, Higgins is killed when the train derails. Back at the train station, Whitting promises to talk to the DA about Reed's father as thanks for catching the mole.

Skills and Personality[]

Master Combatant-Unlike Nick Kang who is a extremely skilled martial artist , Marcus is a incredibly skilled and efficient hand-to-hand combatant able to defeat numerous opponents in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting style is consisting of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muy Thai.In combat Marcus is able to use whatever melee weapons in his environment to his advantage. He can defeat multiple criminals armed and unarmed and come out victorious and can either incapacitate them in nonlethal and lethal ways so he can interrogate and extract information from prominent individuals.

Master Marksman- As a PDNY Detective, Marcus is a very skilled and accurate marksman able to accurately shoot his targets without missing his shots and without endangering innocent bystanders. He is also a precision shooter able to use non lethal and lethal shots to incapacitate people and cars to keep them alive and to minimize collateral damage.

Gifted Intellect- Marcus is very intelligent, street wise man, he is able to use his expertise as a former criminal in his work as a detective. He is capable of planning, organizing and completing missions and gather sufficient evidences.

In his young Marcus was hot-headed, reckless, and ill-tempered such as when he found out that his so called friend Kev Lar set him and his father up to be killed.

When he was older Marcus became more clam and right headed, however he remained street wise and angry as well as foul mouthed. But still loyal and caring to his friends and co-workers such as his mentor Terry Higgins and his unit leader Deena Dixon.