When it comes to Drug Cartels; the Magdalena Cartel are by far the most dangerous. Running 75% of New York's cocaine trade, they're the city's top drug syndicate. The Magdalena's are a shadowy organization, leadership unknown, but the FBI is certain that the top dogs live in Manhattan to keep a close eye on distribution. Sneaky and smart, the Magdalena's are a force to be reckoned with.

Magdalena CartelEdit

The Magdalena Cartel is a Colombian drug cartel that is believed to be responsible for 75% of New York's cocaine trade. Before his death, Terry Higgins had made contact with rich socialite and philanthropist Teresa Castillo a.k.a Mother Teresa, who he believed may be able to help him get inside the cartel. After Marcus proves himself to Teresa by taking down a local drug dealer, Teresa gives Reed information about where he could find the Magdalena's leader, leading him to a run down building where he chases down the cartel leader, Rey. However, Rey turns out to be head of the Latin Lords, the main rival of the Magdalena Cartel; the Cartel was using Reed to take out their competition. After being told by Rey that the cartel smuggles their drugs in South American artifacts through the Zuma Museum, Marcus goes their and interrogates the director of the museum, who tells him that they sell the shipments to the Salvation War. He goes there, and is immediately knocked out by a doctor with a baseball bat. He wakes in a mental hospital tied up and drugged, with Teresa next to him. She explains to Marcus that her real name is Magdalena Rojas, widow of Umberto Rojas, the original leader of the cartel who was killed by the CIA 6 years ago in 1999. She then that she paid off certain people to get rid of "pests" like Marcus, but her dividends aren't what they used to be. Rojas then says that she's late to the opera, and has her goon lock Reed in the yard with the other mental inmates. He fights through them and the staff with the help of another inmate named Zeke, escapes the hospital and races to the opera house where Teresa is. After a shootout, he arrests her, but she tells him she doesn't know who the mole is, only that since their information was always accurate, she knows it is someone high up in the OCU, and with that, the Magdalena Cartel was finished.