Kobi was a high-ranking member of the Yakuza crime syndicate and was in charge of their turf war against the President's Club. She has short black hair and wore make-up in her eyes, mouth, and cheeks. She wears two different outfits over the course of the game: Japanese clothes (Meeting Kobi) and catsuit (Zen Garden). She only appears during Meeting Kobi and Zen Garden.

Kobi was voiced by Jeanne Mori.

Kobi wear her catsuit at mission Zen Garden.


1998 in Japan

In 1998 she met Lionel Jones on the streets of Tokyo, completely broke but with very influential contacts. Recognising Lionel as an oppertunity to sell her drug "Pop" in the United States, Kobi offered him employment. It worked perfectly well for a while but before long Lionel decided to go into his own line of business. He started to manufacture Pop in direct competition with the Yakuza and formed a rival gang called the President's Club, which consisted of himself and four others: Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson and Grant, with himself at the top as Benjamin. As a result, the Yakuza declared war on the President's Club. Kobi started to target each President individually, intending to kill Lionel personally. 

First OperationEdit

Apparently not bothering with President Lincoln, she first sent her men to Club Tadow where President Hamilton operated with orders to kill him. The Yakuza goons killed all present at the club but were unable to kill Hamilton due to his office being sealed off with laser-tripwire bombs. The goons were subsequently killed by Police Detective Marcus Reed who had arrived at the club after interrogating Lincoln about the Club. Hamilton smugly revealed that the President's Club was aware of Kobi's presence at Club Nagoya and President Jackson was heading over there to wipe her out in retaliation for the Tadow massacre.

Meet with The PolicemanEdit


Kobi meet Marcus at Club Nagoya.

Marcus arrived at Club Nagoya to find Kobi leaving the club with her friend and two enforcers. When Marcus mentioned Kobi's name, an enforcer pulled a gun on him enquiring who wanted to know, but Marcus showed him his police badge and asked When Kobi revealed herself, Marcus was suprised but quickly asked her to get in the limo as she was in danger. Before he could elaborate further, a black limo skidded around the corner and President Jackson shouted " Yo blaze those Yakuza bitches!" before spraying bullets at them with an Uzi. This killed both enforcers but failed to hit Marcus and Kobi . Marcus grabbed the fallen enforcer's machine gun before ordering the limo driver to drive away while he provided covering fire through the sunroof.

Interogated with MarcusEdit


Kobi tell the story of President's Club to Marcus.

After killing the thugs and causing Jackson's limo to crash, Marcus asked Kobi why the Yakuza were at war with the Presidents. Kobi told him that the man in the limo was Jackson, her men had "killed" Hamilton and Grant was next. As for Lionel, she would kill him herself. When Marcus displayed ignorence, then disbelief at who Lionel was, she told him the story of the President's Club and the factory where they manufactured Pop. She stated that her men were already on their way to the factory to kill Grant, picked up a katana lying next to her and unsheathed it to prove her point. Marcus then tried to place her under arrest but she whacked him over the face with the katana's hilt before kicking him out of the limo, shouting "Your ride is over!". Despite this, Marcus reached the print factory first and arrested Grant after interrogating him about Benjamin's whereabouts



nonetheless tried to kill Lionel herself and managed to infiltrate his personal residence and studio in Times Square, Zen Empire RecorJones, about to kill Marcus downstairs, was alerted to her presence and left to confront herds.


When Lionel came up, Kobi engaged him in a samurai fight to the death. Unfortunately, Lionel began to gain the upper hand and slashed her across the ribs. Before she could retaliate, Marcus appeared armed with an AK-47 and shouted "Hands up! Police!". Acting on impulse, she threw a shuriken at him which barely missed. Stupidly, the distraction makes Kobi forget the fight with her sworn enemy. Suddenly, Lionel came up behind her and stabbed her with his Shinto sword before contemptuously kicking her off the blade and onto the ground with the words "Survival of the fittest, bitch!". She is last seen lying presumably dead on the ground.

Lionel hit Kobi by stabbed her with Shinto Sword until Kobi's body squirt blood many.