Kev Lar is a drug kingpin who had ordered an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Isaiah Reed and his son Marcus Reed.  Unfortunately for him, both survived and Marcus travelled to Kev Lar's hideout to gain revenge. He confronted Lar who was relaxing with a prostitute and watching two of his thugs playing a video game. He briefly attempted to protest his innocence before reaching for his Desert Eagle. However, Marcus was too quick for him and shot him in the chest, injuring him and flinging him over a sofa. While the prostitute ran screaming from the room and Marcus gunned down the thugs with his dual Uzis, Kev Lar took the oppertunity to summon more goons to his aid and run for his life. However, Marcus swiftly killed all who stood in his way and followed the blood trail left by the drug king. After disposing of Lar's remaining thugs, he found the man himself hiding in a dumpster, bleeding heavily. He stated that Marcus would be played just like his father before Marcus shot him in the head, killing him for good. Kev Lar wore a green dressing gown and a gold medallion on a chain.


  • Kev Lar's name is a pun for the synthetic fiber of the same name.