Security of the Gulag

The part of the security. From left to right: Don Rafferty, Misha, Jill and an unknown black woman.

The Gulag Club is a dance club located at the corner between Sunset Blvd and La Cienega Blvd, in Hollywood in Los Angeles. Along with Cyprus Holdings, an unnamed warehouse, the S&M club and the Krym Spa, the Gulag is also owned by Rasputin Kuznetsov, a Russian mafia boss, also known as Rocky.

In True Crime: Streets of LAEdit

Episode IV, Best/Average Ending, Russian Face-OffEdit

In episode 4, Nick drives to the club. However, he instead drives in a different outfit (coming back to his regular one in episode VI of the best ending, House of Wu, and on the 4th episode of episode VII of the average ending, Blood Money), or, if playing the alternate intro, in his regular outfit.

Francis, an arms dealer, said "he never dealt with Rocky but heard he's a real badass", and then said to Nick: "you wanna find him, check out the Gulag Club in Hollywood". As Nick arrives, he sneaks onto the back alley where employees go.

Upon entering, a bouncer detected Nick, by saying "how'd that asshole get in here?", but Nick ordered the music to stop, and called the DJ Dick, and gave the music a three, because the song that was played during when he entered, "had no lyrics and visitors could not dance to it". The DJ pulls up a shotgun, everybody gets out, while Nick lies, escaping the shooting and kills the other bouncers.

After killing them, Nick arrives to Rocky's office, where Rocky gives up a phone call which was Cary being attacked by vandals. Rocky said that, if Nick wants to stay alive, he has to get onto retirement. Nick exits the club.

Episode VI, Average Ending, RampageEdit

Not much of the Gulag is seen in this episode, but if Nick gets late to the Gulag, he'll fight the bouncers in the club, then, he'll electrify Misha if "he tells Nick nothing about where Rocky went". Misha in the club said that Rocky went to the Pagoda Restaurant.

Episode VIII, RetributionEdit

After Nick tails Jill, she says that Rocky went to the Gulag tonight, at 11 pm. Nick races to the club and fights the same known bouncers. After he fights them, he threatened a gun to the DJ, and pulled Misha off the balcony as Misha refused to talk. Then the DJ said Rocky went to the Santa Monica Airport, at hangar 6. He asked, "you be nice now, da?" and Nick said he's a model citizen, then he punches the DJ.


  • The Gulag has too much icons, probably because it was opened by an Orthodox person.
  • The Gulag's logo contains the hammer and sickle, probably because it is pseudo-Soviet.
  • Guards stand around Rocky's table in the 7th episode, Cary in Trouble, episode IV, Best/Average Ending, Russian Face-Off.