Elite. Operations. DisvisonEdit

Elite. Operations. Disvison (E.O.D) is the main fraction with True Crime: Streets of LA and a disvison with the LAPD that as it's namesakes the disvison conducts elite operations such as conducting investigations against organized crime and and other high sake operations. Wanda Parks is the head of the disvison and Nick Kang is their best officer.


The E.O.D is disvison with the LAPD that does; as it namesakes conducts elite operations. Some operations are organized crime, high profile undercover operations, forced disapprences, sabotage, and assassination. Due the operations conducted E.O.D officers act outside the normal rule of regular police which is way a loose cannon like Nick Kang is allowed to join.

Unlike other disvisons or units with the LAPD, the E.O.D has it's own HQ; a two-story office building in downtown LA. The building sports a large office area (one on each floor), a large garage, and lobby.

Known memebers of the E.O.D are:

Nick Kang; LAPD loose cannon

Wanda Parks; Cheif of LAPD and head of E.O.D

Rosie Velasco; LAPD cop and forced partner of Nick Kang