Dodge Charger Beater TCNYC

Charger Beater in NYC

5.2L V8 Coupe

5.2L V8 Coupe is vehicle featured in True Crime: New York City.


The 5.2 V8 Coupe is based off of a 1969 dodge charger while also showing design characteristics of mid to late 70`s Pontiac GTO models,


The 5.2L V8 Coupe`s performance is the same on both regular and beater models included in True Crime: New York City they include desirable acceleration but has a mediocre top speed crash deformity is average as the car can withstand about 20 regular speed collisions and 8-10 high speed collisions without catching fire.


There are 2 different varients included in True Crime New York City there is a beater varient and a regular varient both maitaining the same performance and and crash deformity.


  • Most players dub it the "charger" as it has many charger characteristics
  • The beater and regular varients of the 5.2L V8 Coupe are the exact same design just with a "rust" type painjob and more exaust coming from the tailpipe
Dodge Charger TCNYC

Dodge Charger in NYC